Reading Women Challenge

Reading Women is a new challenge that you can read all about here. Make sure to check out their resources listed at the bottom of the page on that link for their challenge.



  1. Memoirs of a Polar Bear ✔️
  2. Empress of a Thousand Skies*
  3. Interview with the Vampire*
  4. Firebirds Rising*
  5. Nimona ✔️
  6. Sphinx ✔️
  7. Anthem or The Bear and The Nightingale
  8. Memoirs of a Polar Bear ✔️ or The Best We Could Do*
  9. The Strays ✔️
  10. Dear Fahrenheit 451
  11. (no book yet)
  12. The Orchid Thief
  13. Brown Girl Dreaming
  14. Frankenstein
  15. Brown Girl Dreaming
  16. The Ship Beyond Time*
  17. Dumplin’
  18. A Toni Morrison Book (undecided)
  19. The Strays ✔️
  20. The Best We Could Do*
  21. Cress ✔️
  22. Sphinx ✔️
  23. The Chaos of Stars*
  24. Prompt #1 Women in Translation books  ✔️
  25. The Waves or To the Lighthouse
  26. Everything That Rises Must Converge


So, this is my plan so far for my Reading Women Challenge TBR. There are some blank spots, so if you guys know any books by women to fill those spots that you can suggest, let me know! Preferably something easily accessible that I can pick up at a library.

You can also check out my Read Harder 2018 Challenge here. Some books do overlap.

*in possession of the book.
✔️ completed task.

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